HOT LAPS - Short Track MTB Series

Event Overview

Mark your summer Tuesdays down and get ready to experience the thrill of short track mountain biking. We are excited to host the first ever "Hot Laps" Short Track MTB Series at Franke Park.

Short Track racing, which has also been called “dirt criterium,” has riders race at a high intensity pace on a 1- to 2-mile closed course for 20 to 30 minutes. The first to finish the predetermined number of laps, wins. The course will weave up and around the Derby Hill area at Franke Park. We plan on having 2-3 different courses over the 6 weeks.

We have a variety of categories, two race waves, and even an old school cross country running events for 2 times during the 6-week series as well for those wanting to run the course! JUNIORS (14 & under) race FREE. So, get your kids out and come race. The Junior categories are designed for kids that have a bike with gears, can ride a mile on uneven terrain and are comfortable in a race format. We'll have a seperate kids riding area for the younger kids. 

We have pre-registration gift card raffles to incentivize you to help us with planning and organization. There will be a dedicated little kids course, grilled out food, and late enough start times for our surrounding area friends to make it a couple times! (Warsaw, Indy, Goshen, Everyone!) 

We promise it will be worth $10 a race and the drive. TNL works hard to make sure to create experiences worth showing up for.


Race Waves

Wave 1- 5:30 to 6:30- (July 24 & Aug 14th)

  • Men & Women Cross Country Fun Run

  • Most Laps completed in an hour or (as many as you want!)

  • (0.7-1mi. each lap)

Wave 2 - 6:30 - About 25min

  • Beginner - Men & Women

  • Women - Sport

  • Juniors - Men & Wome

Wave 2 - 7:15 - About 35min

  • Men Sport

  • Women Expert

  • Men Expert


  • All Races $10/per person
  • Juniors 14 & under race for free - Sign up accordingly
  • Gift Card RAFFLE for pre-registered riders
  • On-site registration available at 6p. Close 10min before race.
  • Prizes/Shwag at random!
  • Racing subject to trail conditions. (Heavy Rain/Lightening) We will communicate and give as much notice as possible.
  • Points Series for all categories.
  • B Wave - beginner, juniors, & sport level men & women - 25 minutes
  • A Wave - Sport Men, Elite Men & Women - 35 minutes
  • Fun challenging course for all types of riders. Expect an A and B line on each lap. 
  • Just MTB's, sorry cyclocross friends, gotta throw on the big tires for this one!
  • Great family event, easy to watch from anywhere on course.
  • Hangouts before, during, and after the event.

JUNIOR Sign Up Instructions - We've done our best to make it easy with our website. When you get to the Hot Laps checkout page, you'll select "Juniors - date xx" in the dropdown. This add its to your cart for $0. 


We have around 8 volunteer opportunities each race that include course monitoring for safety, registration and check-in, and timing/scoring. Plus, if you love to grill food, we could use a grill master!

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We're trying to break volunteering down in shifts/responsibilities to make it easy on all of us and share the burden. You're hanging out anyway, might as watch or help out!