2017 Team NeighborLink Cyclocross Campaign

Team NeighborLink Cyclocross Team is back after our inaugural year in 2016 with a team twice as big and twice as optimistic about the idea that using our love for cycling can help us transform homes for neighbors in need. Collectively, our goals are still the same. Build community, raise awareness and funds for NeighborLink Fort Wayne and Indy, and do our best to bring home some podiums. Regardless of results, we want the TNL tent to be one of the most welcoming spots at a cross race, so if you're coming to the race solo and need a spot to hang, please consider our home your own. 

We took what we learned from last season along with what we've been learning about athlete fundraisers and created our Ambassador Program that gives athletes the option to start fundraising all year long. Because of this new strategy, we've had 4 TNLCX members already raising dollars for neighbors in need this year and have raised over $3,100 to date. 


In 2016, the team raised over $8000 throughout the CX season to help fund 5 complete furnace replacements and repair 12 other furnaces. It's our goal to raise $6000 (<< Can donate online there or at the button) this year throughout the cyclocross season. It may look like we're not as ambitious this year, but when you factor in the existing campaigns that TNLCX members have been running, we're closer to a $10,000 goal for the season. 

What we promise our donors is that 100% of your donations to our campaigns during this season will go to homeowners in need who desperately need a new furnace to heat their home this winter. As you can tell from our success last year, there are many vulnerable seniors and folks facing disabilities that just don't have the resources or expertise to fix or replace their furnaces. TNLCX is determined to do something about it. We'll be selecting and completing projects as funds come in throughout the season. 

Thank you to the tremendous support of our sponsors, we're able to come into the races more equipped with new tents, more bike racks, and a few special surprises we're working on. 

Work Hard. Do Good. Love Wins. 

Team Members

  • Abby Snyder - Cat 4
  • Amaris Longenecker - Cat 4
  • Amy Snyder - Cat 4
  • Andrew Hoffman - Cat 5
  • Chris Leonard - Cat 4
  • Corey Smith - Cat 3
  • Dave Bradway - Cat 4
  • David Gable - Cat 5
  • Dylan Curtis - Cat 3
  • Ed Messer - Cat 3 
  • Emily Bradway - Cat 3 
  • Josh Johnson - Pro 1/2
  • Justin Branscomb - Cat 5
  • Marissa Doner - Cat 4
  • Mark Miller - Cat 3 Masters
  • Michael Casten - Cat 4
  • Nick Kintzel - Cat 3
  • Pat Cunningham - Cat 5
  • Paul Richardson - Cat 3 Masters
  • Phil Hassman - Cat 5
  • Sam Berger-Butler - Cat 3
  • Shannon Branscomb - Cat 4 Masters
  • Steve Vorderman - Masters 60+
  • Zach Berend - Cat 4